Myton Area Petroglyphs

Welcome to the Rock Art section of the Myton, Utah website. Most of the following photos were taken within 30 miles of Myton. Some are located in Pleasant Valley, about five miles away. Enjoy...

Bighorn Sheep are no longer in our area but these Rock Art images show that they were here at one time.

Picture of Bighorn Sheep petroglyph.

This image was taken from far away and is, I think, a scorpion. Petroglyph of scorpion?

Here is another that I have blown up from a distant view to try to show you the cliff art. Petroglyphs of man and dots

Petroglyph man and roadPetroglyphsPetroglyphsPetroglyphsPetroglyph of Shaman?

Petroglyph of space ship.I don't know about you, but to me this looks like a UFO Ship with people ascending a ladder. I'm probably wrong but there's no one here to dispute it! Petroglyph of shaman or warrior.
If you would like more info on where to find these and other petroglyphs stop by our office in Myton, and we'll be glad to try to direct you to the area. The following is a link to another related site in our area.
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