Curse Lifted

Written By Mayor Ludy Cooper

The Mormon Curse or Myton Curse that has been hanging over the head of Myton City since President Smart first uttered the words back in the early 1900s, " You will see the day when nothing but Jack Rabbits and tumble weeds will be seen on the main streets of Myton", was busted wide open and lifted forever on July 19th, 1997!!!

Over one hundred members of Myton 2nd Ward coverged on the park by the City hall and began Picture of Myton City Parktheir " day of service to their community". In fact they had begun their project back in June when they began painting the front of the old Three Legged Dog and sand blasting the old paint off the block to bring it back to its original color. This old historic building is to be the home of The Myton History Museum. The group then decided to improve the grounds around the building. They installed an irrigation system on the west side of the park so that they could lay sod on the 19th. With so many hands it wasn?t long before the lawn was in place, the trees all trimmed ( or removed ) the second coat of paint was on the building, new windows and front door were installed, a cement patio and steps were poured, flagstone was installed around the flower bed and new flowers planted.

Picture of Restored Calvert & Waugh Building

A pot luck Bar-B-Q was ready to serve the busy workers at noon. They were still watering the new grass and testing the new irrigation system at 8 O?Clock that evening.

Picture of Myton Park Community Service Day

Meanwhile, down at the Community Building ( the old Legion Hall ) 1st ward was hard at work.Picture of Myton Community Building Their project was to paint the Community Building that is also the home of The Learning center. The Wednesday before the 19th the building was crawling with young people preparing the building for paint. They went over the part to be painted with steel brushes and scrapers so the painters could paint on the 19th. Bright and early the painting began. It wasn?t long before the old building had a new look.

Picture of Myton Community Building
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