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First Airplane in Myton

Most everyone has read the account of the airplane landing on the South Myton bench, either from the 1975 story in the Uintah Basin Standard by George Stewart or the 1996 retelling by Lt. Nutt lands in Myton.Janey Hokett. We have found two more accounts of the day; one in the August 14, 1919, Myton Free Press, where the Editor of that paper was pretty put out at Lt. Nutt for not showing up that day and another from The Roosevelt Standard dated August 20, 1919, after the airplane finally came. It seems the real reason the plane came was to generate interest in building the railroad from Provo to Myton. Governor Bamberger was sure it would be built within two years. At any rate the people were thrilled when the plane landed. In the picture, note the mechanic out on the tail of the plane for balance.


Myton Airport

Another Picture of the PlaneFor over two decades the Myton City Fathers tried to promote and generate interest in an airport in Myton, and although they tried every possible avenue it did not happen.

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