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Myton Presbyterian Church

Excerpts from The Myton Free Press dated April 8, 1915:

"The Myton Community Presbyterian Church is a structure 55 X 30 feet with a tower, 12 X 12, Myton Presbyterian Churchplus the Education Center and Ladies Aid Room that has been added in later years.The original building was painted white with pearl gray trim. Large Gothic windows in the south, two sets of five windows each on the east and west and large beautiful front doors. It consisted of two rooms. A small school room and kitchen in the rear, 13 X 30 feet, and the main auditorium which is 30 X 45 feet with 17 1/2 foot ceilings. It boasts solid oak pews and tan and oak colored carpet made it one of the finest chapels on the reservation at the time of its dedication on April 4, 1915.


Reverend George Sloan was Pastor at this date and also teacher in the Myton Academy. Reverend Dr. W.H. Kearns from Minneapolis, who was the administrator for Presbyterian work in the northwest, came to Myton to conduct the dedication ceremony. Dr. Sloan expressed surprise to see such a thriving town out in what he had thought was nothing but a wild desert country. He was gratified to note the spirit of enthusiasm and hope. He felt sure that Myton people with their push and determination could get anything they wanted. Before he left on Sunday he was perhaps convinced that there would soon be an academy erected. Who built the Church? Was it Rev. George Sloan ? Yes and No. He was the power. He was the steam and the engine and boiler which propelled a magnificent machinery, the men and women of Myton and vicinity. He was the engineer, and the people were all his willing assistants.


The Free Press in Volume 1, Number 1, gave half the front page and almost all the back page to the report on the Academy Banquet on Saturday night and the dedication of the Church on the Presbyterian Church additionfollowing Sunday. It went into great detail about how the money had been raised for the building of such a fine church in a town that was struggling with so many enterprises that required money. It named names of most of the contributors and gave thanks to them. " A pencil schetch, found among the papers of Rev. C.S. Rice, former Pastor of the church, furnished the motive. The builder, M. Knudsen, worked out the plan. As it stands it revels that the desire for beauty also found a place in the plans as worked out."

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