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In 1906-07 school was established in Myton by the Wasatch County Board of Education.It was held in the Community Building that was used for all Community functions.

The first school in Myton was established in 1906.


Soon more space was needed and the Board of Education built a 2 room brick building. A few years later a 3 room frame building was erected facing D street. In about 1937 a new building was built to accommodate grades K-7.

The second school... 3rd School

In the late 1970s all three of the old school buildings were demolished to make room for a new school. The new school is a 10 classroom building to accommodate K-5.

New Myton Elementary School


Also located in Myton is the Con Amour School for special children. This facility was built in 1977 and is the only school for handicapped in our area.

The Learning Center

About five years ago the Presbyterian Church, in conjunction with the K-3 Program, opened the Learning Center to tutor area children at the request of schools or parents.

Our learning center was first housed in the old-fashioned looking Myton Presbyterian Church.

Most teachers -- high school and college students, parents and concerned citizens -- volunteer their time. During the school year the center works with 35 to 40 students each afternoon. In summertime, the center hosts a special program. Children arrive in the morning, eat a free lunch at the Elementary School, and return to the center for afternoon classes. In 1995 eighty students participated in the Summer Program.

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