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Fire Protection

When Myton was first Incorporated there was already in existence a Volunteer Fire Department of sorts.

In June of 1912 an offer from the Fire Department to turn over the "Apparatus" and headquarters, was recorded in the Town Minutes. The offer was accepted with thanks for their effort to create a Fire Department for the town.

In December of 1914 the Town Board ordered a Chemical Fire engine.

In September of 1920 the Town acquired a hand pumped hose wagon.

In March of 1926 the Town sold the wheels off the hose wagon to pay a debt of $4.75.

In November of 1942 the hose wagon was given to the Government for scrap metal.

In 1946 the young men from town began a drive to raise money to buy a fire truck. That that year they collected $124.00.

In 1950 the Lions Club offered to help. The City Fire Committee had located a good used truck and were going to bid on it. They had $532.50 to work with at that time. Their bid was accepted and the truck was purchased. It was a 1943 Ford. We still have it and the City plans to restore it and use in parades.

Myton City bought this 1943 Ford firetruck, in 1950, for $532.00

Calvin Monks, Neil Murray, Roy Mott, Winnie Mott, A.C. Tolboe, ?, Bill Harris

In the early 1980's, with the help of the County we obtained a 1957 Coast with a 1000 gallon water tank. We had to remove the cab before we could get it into our fire house. So in 1984 we The Myton City Fire Department.went after a grant to build an adequate fire house and were successful. It is a 40 X 60 foot building, well insulated and well equipped to handle all of our fire equipment which now includes a 1984 Fast Response unit and a Water pumper. With the addition of this new equipment and our new water system our fire rate has dropped from a 9 to a 5 which helps out a great deal when you go to get insurance.

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