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In the Beginning- A Bridge

And this bridge stood like a giant tunnel across the mighty Duchesne river. The river ran freely and was not checked by dams or reservoirs. This bridge was constructed by the Government troops  sent out to keep peace on the reservation. For many years the community was known simply as " The Bridge " and all mail going to Myton was addressed to " The Bridge ". In 1903 the official post office was established with Major H.P. Myton as postmaster. The mail was then directed to Myton’s post office and the name was eventually given to the town.

High Water

The first people to come to Myton built their homes and businesses right on the banks of the river near the bridge. Several times the community was flooded in the spring time when it was high water time.


Being threatened with this one particulars spring some one got the bright idea to set a charge of dynamite to change the course of the river so it would not flood the town. So when whoever set the charge got carried away andwhen the smoke cleared the course of the river had been changed SO much that the bridge was standing high and dry!!

So until the next bridge was built you had to cross the river like this:

Or like this:

A person crossing the river with a horse and wagon.
Men crossing the Duchesne River in on a raft.

The second bridge

The loss of the old wooden bridge left everyone, including the Indian Department, virtually marooned from their activities unless they were brave enough to ford the river.  Steel bridge crossing the Duchesne River.It was the influence of the Indian Department that secured funding in the amount of $25,000.00, within ten days, to build a new bridge. This time the bridge was to be a fine looking steel structure.



Bridge Day

A big dedication program was planned for September 10, 1910. Guests of honor on the program were Governor W.H. Spry, Senator Smoot, and Wm. H. Smart of the L.D.S. Church, Picture of Bridge Day in Myton.and many local dignitaries. A parade was led by the Grand Marshall of the day, headed by an impromptu band escorting the honored guests, followed by many floats, Indian horsemen and cow ponies galore, taking their part from the Bridge to the Speaker's stand. The days festivities ended with a dance on a hardwood floor erected under the cotton wood trees near the Bridge.

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