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The Mormon Curse

Do you believe in Curses ? I don't. But some folks believe that Myton did not continue to progress as expected because it was one of the few non-Latter Day Saint (Mormon) settlements in Utah, and its citizens refused to let the Church buy into the town. It was rumored that an angry church official stormed out of a meeting in which Myton council members refused to let the Chuch buy into the bank. "You'll see the day" he is to have hissed, "when Jack Rabbits and tumble weeds will be the only things rolling down Myton's main streets!!"

Myton's deserted streets:  Cursed?

This picture of Myton, taken in 1920, captures the beginning of the end of a community's dreams and expectations of grandeur. The names of the town's conquerers: War, Fire, Drought, Depression...and, of course, the Mormon Curse.

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