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 CoronaVirus Information

Moon Lake Electric has notified Myton City that a scheduled power outage will occur tomorrow, Thursday, April 23, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. for approximately an hour. Please pass this along to anyone who might need it.


All water bill and other monetary transactions are being done through the drop-box outside the front door of City Hall until further notice.

The Recorder will be there during the day but no person to person contact will be permitted.



Due to the Covid19 Pandemic Myton Daze has been cancelled this year.  It is very sad but we'll be back next year Bigger and Better than ever!!

Thank you,

Myton Daze Committee



Strata Hotspot!

Strata Net is hosting a Hot Spot here in Myton City at the Pavillion Park.  A big shout out to Dakota Bruns and Veldon Rowley for their hard work on this project.  At this time there won't be any password required.  Just pull up to the pavillion area and login!  Free Internet so you and your family can keep up on the latest news about the Virus.  

Myton Cemetery Online!  
These two fine companies have added grave locations and even death certificates and obituaries to most of the graves in our cemetery. 



Early Newspapers Online
Area History
Zoning Map and General Plan
Myton City Municipal Codes


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